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This survey consists of chosen news and events from 2001 to 2005. The archive of recent years along with topical news about projects, exhibitions, lectures and other cultural and artistic activities will be available on the artist's new web site.


Anew, the creation process appears as a central question in Adon Elmir's works and this time through his new exhibition 'Associations', which will take place at the cultural venue Petit Paris in Moss from 8 August to 3 September and farther in Sarpsborg from 5 September to 1 October. In this exhibition the artist tries to problematize the issue by searching for hidden elements in the spiritually life of the human being. The exhibited works will present the artist's attempt to show how the artwork reflects the objective through the subjective both in form and content.

More about the exhibition: Associations

New texts in 'Klassekampen'

Texts by Adon Elmir have been published in Klassekampen (The class struggle), the daily newspaper of the Left. The originals of these texts are a text series that also has been published on this site. The version of Klassekampen is available in portable document format (PDF), while the originals in HTML-format under the category 'Texts'.

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Read also the originals: Texts by Adon Elmir

'The Dream's Dead of Night' as a book cover

Adon Elmir's 'The Dream's Dead of Night' (digital composition, 120 x 260 cm, 2004) has been published as a cover illustration for the novel 'Nekromantiker' by the Norwegian novelist Ingar Knudtsen, Schibsted Publishers, 2004. 'Nekromantiker' is a realistic novel with a surrealistic trait of character where the bounds between life and death, reality and magic become fluid. This finds expression finely and clearly in the cover illustration that the novelist is extremely pleased to. Ingar Knudtsen is one of the foremost novelists and authors within fantasy and magic realism in Norway. He has published so far above 25 books.

Read more on the web site for Knudtsen [Norwegian]: Nekromantiker

Works in graphic art

In collaboration with the creative centre 'Conception', some works by Adon Elmir will be produced by use of different digital print techniques as a trial project within graphic art. The starting point of this project is a selection of the artist's works that mainly are no longer available as originals. The goal is to enable the art-interested to obtain graphic copies of the works, in addition to seeking new graphic technologies that are in a constant development.

More about the project: Artcards