Universal questions about life and humans also are central to art and architecture. Elmir's projects deal exactly with this and as the artist himself move on several plans from the practical to the theoretical.


The creation process appears to be unaccountable to the degree that makes the description of it problematic. In the exhibition Associations Elmir tries to problematize this question by searching for hidden elements in the spiritually life of the human being. The exhibition presents the artist's attempt to show how the artwork reflects the objective through the subjective both in form and content.

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Something about woman

Art about woman – Woman in art; From Ishtar to Freya: How this steps forward through the creation process. 'Something about woman' is a new thematic exhibition where the theme is a fundamental link between the works, which consist of thirty pictures created in different techniques including oil, acrylic, graphite and pastel.

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Architecture in a social perspective

The starting point for this project is an essay about architecture and heritage that raises questions in the realm of our understanding of architecture in the public and social space, and examines the conceptual significations of architecture both professionally and generally. The essay is a basic project for a larger written work that will be carried out in future.

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