This summary covers a choice of the artist's individual and collective exhibitions that were held in the period between 1995 and 2004. Information about recent exhibitions will be available on the artist's new web site.

Individual exhibitions

  • Something about woman, March 2004, Onkel, cultural venue
  • The art that affects everything, June 2003, Sunndal Cultural House
  • About the invisible, March 2002, Humaniora, cultural venue
  • Spiritual spaces, April 2001, Tingvoll Art Association
  • Spiritual spaces, March 2001, Dødeladen, cultural venue
  • Freedom, September 2000, Posepilten, cultural venue
  • And wheat, October 1999, Tingvoll Art Association
  • Abstract, November 1996, Damascus, Syria
  • Damascus in photos, August 1995, Damascus, Syria

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Collective exhibitions

  • Summer 2004, Tingvoll Art Association
  • Autumn 2000, Trondheim Art Association
  • Summer 2000, Tingvoll Art Association
  • Winter 1999, Tingvoll Art Association

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