Press releases and interviews

This selection of press reviews and interviews are taken from several sources. The articles were published in connection with various occasions in the period between 2001 and 2004. For recent articles, please visit the artist's new website.

Something about the woman in art

He is afraid to be stalled concerning both the art direction and the choice of technique. Adon Elmir invites to an inner dialogue between himself and the person who views the pictures. Art about woman — Woman in art; From Ishtar (the love goddess from the Ancient Mesopotamia) to our own Freya; this is the theme for the exhibition that the architect and visual artist Adon Elmir makes in the cultural venue Onkel og Vennene hans (Uncle and his friends) in Kristiansund from 8 to 22 of March...

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Between art and life

The Syrian artist Adon Elmir raises constantly through his artistic project essential questions about the spiritual, the invisible and the unknown; questions that he problematizes from the most tangible in the life's contradictions. "No art without content!" That what the artist means.

"An art without content does not exist. In an equal degree as the form, the content is a fundamental element for any art." — "The content has always its existence in the artwork even in the case where the form dominates. Nevertheless when one or more of the artwork's elements overshadows the other, it does not mean that by this reason the artwork necessarily loses its elemental balance."...

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Art as a spiritual reviver

This art exhibition is certainly not without content as much of today's art is accused of to be. Tingvoll Art Association presents with pride this very strong exhibition by an artist who is not afraid to show all sides of life, also the dark sides...

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From Damascus to Dødeladen

He is an artist, architect, graphic designer, journalist, researcher and author, and Adon Elmir's pictures are as diversified as the artist himself...

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